vertical garden & living courtyard
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vertical garden & living courtyard

in harmony
with nature

The vertical garden can be found between the north and the south wings of the building, creating an expansive natural green visual on the outside and a “harmony with nature” environment on each floor. The connected gardens offer a space to step into, relax, and socialize.

rhythm of life
will never stop

The urban greenery continues out into the living courtyard, which was designed to offer numerous possibilities to tenants throughout the day and after work hours. The space offers benches and hammocks, as well as garden swings and outdoor games, encouraging employees to relax in pleasant surroundings. The evelated platform is ideal for company presentations, while the outdoor bar is perfect for hosting and after work event. The courtyard can also serve as an outdoor gallery. Whatever its use, this shared space whithin Green Gate will enliven and stimulate tenants and the rhythm of life will never stop.